My participation in the contest organized by @jayna – window


This is my participation to the weekly contest organized by @jayna, if you want to enter the contest you can find the rules here.

In this opportunity I wanted to make a story with an open ending to many interpretations, I hope you enjoy it.

The wait is reflected slowly in the clock, the tick tock resounds loudly in the heart of the desperate Gaby, who impatiently wandered from one side to the other in her living room. A phone call excited her concern, communicating that her husband was in a terrible police action. In the center of the city there was a strong demonstration, and the civilians furious by the unsustainable discontent, began to carry out looting and marches in favor of the insurrection.

Donovan was not far from being promoted to captain in his police force, he had an almost impeccable record, and of the few officers who resorted to street action, he was one of the most reckless. That sort of thing was what worried Gaby the most, and at that very moment, she felt that nerves were devouring her. She looked out of the window almost hooked up to her, as if they both had an unbreakable connection. The night was thick and the news did not bode well. He decided to turn off all means of communication and waited with his chest aching with anguish. She wanted to go out in tears, because within herself, her instinct told her that something was wrong.

Every minute that passed he looked more through the window, the lights that were seen from the center to his house were brighter. Furious flames erupted for his pain, until, finally, another call was received on his cell phone. It was the call of her husband’s companion.

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