My entry to the micro-fiction contest organized by @jayna – time


The story to present is my participation in the weekly contest organized by @jayna. If you wish to participate, the rules can be found here. To my readers, thank you.

Father Time

The lines are condensed grouped as sisters, to then expand into the territories of the finite. I control these lines and maintain order in everything tangible, preserving the balance between order and chaos. My origin dates back to the days when the Titans ruled the earth, and their king, father of the gods, dominated the terrain of heaven and hell at will. When this lord was overthrown by his firstborn son, Heavenly Father, I emerged from the bowels of that dead tyrant, and with the dust of his body mine was created and I saw creation for the first time.

The King of the gods took me as his servant and instructed me to maintain the serenity between the beginning and the end. I control the seas of the minutes, I decide the end of the mortals and I observe the course in the timeline. I keep the mundane creatures in their cycle, if any of them escapes, it is my responsibility to return them to the plan of their predestination. I observe and work the flow of life, its development and unfoldment, and I give it a proper end embellishing its last seconds until the sunset of its death.

I am the entity of everything that happened, happens and will happen. I am the guardian of the finite, the seconds, minutes and hours. I am Father Time, sapient of destiny.

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